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Landon Mitchell

The God Must Be Crazy 2 Full Movie Download ((INSTALL))

The film begins in the Kalahari Desert. A pilotin a private plane throws his empty Coke bottle out of the window. It landsnear a Bushman who is on a hunting expedition. He has never seen anything likeit before. He takes it back to his tribe, where it is put to dozens of uses: Itbecomes a musical instrument, a patternmaker, a fire starter, a cookingutensil, and, most of all, an object of bitter controversy. Everybody in thetribe ends up fighting over the bottle, and so the Bushman, played by the Xhosaactor N!xau (the exclamation point represents a click), decides there is onlyone thing to do: He must return the bottle to the gods. This decision sends himon a long odyssey toward more settled lands on the edges of the desert, wherethe movie develops into a somewhat more conventional comedy.

The God Must Be Crazy 2 Full Movie Download


The star of the movie is N!xau, who is soforthright and cheerful and sensible that his very presence makes some of thegags pay off. In any slapstick comedy, the gags must rest on a solid basis oflogic: It's not funny to watch people being ridiculous, but it is funny towatch people doing the next logical thing, and turning out to be ridiculous.N!xau, because he approaches Western society without preconceptions, and basesall of his actions on logical conclusions, brings into relief a lot of thelittle tics and assumptions of everyday life. I think that reveals the thoughtthat went into this movie: It might be easy to make a farce about screwballhappenings in the desert, but it's a lot harder to create a funny interactionbetween nature and human nature. This movie's a nice little treasure. 350c69d7ab


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