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The Basic Amenities

GAP Garage Space HDA-13.png
Changing the Tire
Hanging Brass Lamps

Space. Room for your tools and stuff


16’x25’ minimum space for single vehicle storage, built in workbench and shelves and bonus space for tools, equipment, tool chests, couches, TVs, etc.


Electrical. Power your needs.

Several outlets with designated outlets larger amperage and voltage for specialty equipment (like a welder).

Individual electrical meter and panel for individual billing.


Safety. Cause we care about you and your stuff

•First aid kit

•Fire Extinguisher

•High capacity exhaust fan


Access. You and your buddies can come and go as you please

•Two reserved spaces in front of your unit (no permanent parking allowed).

•Unlimited invited and escorted guests.  Renters are responsible and liable for guests.

Security. Keep your tools and stuff safe

•24/7 access with key fobs and/or coded locks.

•One security camera for live feed inside of your unit.

•Text and email alerts when your doors are opened.


Essentials. Allows you be there comfortably

•Enclosed toilet room.

•Wash tub with hose bib.

•Floor drains with oil traps.

•Lighting in ceiling

•Central heating to keep area above freezing.


Nice Features you weren’t expecting

•Low volume air bib and hose (sufficient to inflate tires)

•French cleat system on walls for hanging and storing tools


Touchless Land Lording. Pandemic Friendly Business

•Applications, deposits, rent, etc. would be accepted on-line using an app or website.

•When accepted, move-in could be immediate by giving temporary code to enter gate and garage unit.  The permanent garage pass would be waiting for them in an empty and refurbished unit.

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