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We are going to fill the Real Estate GAP
and create a New Asset Class
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These rentable units will provide an affordable place where one can have their private space to do as they please in a community of like-minded DIYers. 

"What a brilliant idea, I know a dozen guys that would love to be a part of GAP!" - Joe H., Franklin

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Introducing Self-Garage Units for:

Automobile Aficionados 

Woodworking Warriors


Manufacturing Startups

Husband Hobbyists

YouTube University Grads

Gear Heads 


Each Unit would have
Basic Amenities:


Each Unit could be
upgraded to include:


Each Unit could
rent equipment:


A Proof of Concept Development is under evaluation in suburbs of Milwaukee Wisconsin with the intent of Franchising for all across the U.S.A.

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Correspond to:
Glen Morrow, Founder

Milwaukee, WI 53221


Thanks for submitting!

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