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The GAP Story

General Info:

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About Glen E. Morrow, P.E.,

Founder, CEO

I am a licensed professional civil engineer who has worked as an engineering consultant and directly for municipalities for 30 years.  For my current day job,  I am the City Engineer, Public Works Director, Utility Manager for Franklin, Wisconsin.  I have worked with many developers through the years as they have developed commercial and industrial projects, including my roles on various plan commissions and economic development commissions.

I have started real estate investing in the past few years with the hope of a comfortable retirement someday.  Through my real estate research and studying I have learned much about rental self-storage units and know that my GAP variation would be a much desired and successful niche in the market place.  Unlike related endeavors that allow DIYers to  borrow work spaces, my idea is scalable and very suitable for franchising.

Investor/Mentors will find my personality to be practical, open minded, humble, and teachable. I look forward to discussing the Garage Alley Pass business plan with interested partners.


2021 is the year

I can recall the moment over 20 years ago as a developer was discussing a self storage unit project at a table in a City Planning Department Conference room. A few offhanded comments were made and I had a Eureka moment “A Self Garage Unit project would be awesome!” But alas, the 1990s was not the time to embark on this venture because neither the landscape, the technology nor my experience was there. In the pandemic 2020s, all have come together and 2021 is the year.

Today, apartment living is no longer categorically for people who lack disposable income. Condominium living is becoming less of a vacation home concept but a primary housing platform. Single family homes are increasingly in developments with restrictive covenants or are luxury homes with garages that are too nice to mess up. Combine these circumstances with YouTube, Pinterest, and other entertainment/ educational/ motivational platforms where the masses of makers are inspired to create woodworking projects, tackle automobile restoration projects, etc. and also given the knowledge and motivation.

Like real estate and technology, my development has progressed as an engineer and real estate investor. There is a national need for borrowed garage spaces that is partially being addressed with websites like  DIYers and makers are increasingly renting home garages or space in fully equipped mechanic bays and are paying by the hour, renting by the month or paying annual membership fees.  Some wealthy buddies are even building groups of garages in a condo association arrangement.  Those other fixes are proof that there is a need people are willing to pay. GAP is different because it offers an affordable option where hobbyists may have a long-term, private, secured, and personalized space that may be equipped however they desire.

Best is yet to come...

Our story is just starting.  We are in the early stages and the final picture is still fluid.

If you would like to participate in this journey- reach out to us and request information on ways you can participate- of just give us ideas on what you would want to see in this product.  

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