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Matching Rings vs engagement ring - what's the difference and when should you give them away as gifts?

What are the differences between rings and engagement ring? What are the ideal occasions to gift the rings to your loved ones? Many people are asking this question and we shouldn't be too surprised since it's easy to misinterpret the two. The only thing that is certain is that each ring is associated with a meaning, but above all the exact time at which it is appropriate to give it as an offer. Let's determine which one.

CoupleSet Engagement rings When should they be given out as gifts and what significance do they have?

The engagement rings, in contrast to the ring are worn by both partners. They are identical and inside them it is possible to inscribe the name of the partner and the date of engagement. The engagement ring is an agreement made by couples to each other. Exchange rings signal a new level of commitment, a formalization of a relationship that is bound to be more significant. These rings are remarkably similar to wedding ring and may appear a bit shady from the outside. Wedding rings also serve to seal a marriage and to declare a union.

The engagement ring: what is it and when is the right time to present it?

Tradition stipulates that a man present his bride with an engagement ring only to place it on her ring finger after she has accepted a marriage proposal. Due to the significance it has the ring is a more costly gift than a typical engagement ring. It's also a good idea from a financial viewpoint, when you take into account the cost of a solitaire ring, the trio, a band or diamond. The engagement ring is an "promise of love" that a man promises to her. It is the perfect ending of one of the most anticipated events in the lives of women around the world. It is impossible to remain unmoved by a diamond ring and the oath which comes with it!

What other options do you have besides the classic diamond ring?

The engagement ring is not just a piece of jewelry but a declaration that demonstrates the desire of the two future spouses to get married. Over the years, thousands of designers have created a variety of models. The common denominator remains their splendor, as demonstrated by their beautiful shapes and precious metals. But which are the most sought-after designs? Solitaires are most well-known since they are not complicated, but also opulent and express the light of precious stones to the maximum. A single stone is set on a gold or a platinum band. This is the genesis of the name. The trinity is a piece of jewelry rich in symbolism, characterized by three precious stones which recall the Christian trinity. The veretta is defined by a thin band covered with stones. Its main features are elegance and formality. Engagement rings are composed of rubies, diamonds and sapphires.


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